Sherri and Mark ~ Married at Envy Winery!

This wedding may be the Envy of the year, but I must say… ever so humbly. Sherri is one of the most PHENOMENAL painters I have ever seen, her love of horses and movement flows through her paintbrush. Like Picasso’s realism (before he became cubist) every feeling and tender curve of the horse is rendered with lavish emotion and grace. Mark meets Sherri’s grace on the dance floor and matches her contagious smile with his enormous heart. If ever a couple were meant for each other it was these two.  Mark’s Envy Winery in Calistoga was the perfect setting for this intimate affair blending their tastes in perfect style. A reflection of humor and good nature, this evening put a spell across the land casting laughter into the echoing valleys of the mountains which daily frame their evening walks.

I can’t possibly post this image without an explanation….Uhhh… okay I can’t explain it… Just exactly what the heck are these friends doing in the wedding couples’ bed????   …. apparently it’s an inside joke… feel free to laugh along….

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