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Kauai Beach Wedding with Manulele ~ meet Jesse and Joe

If you’re a local, chances are you’ve experienced the magic of Manulele as she weaves her unifying spell upon her couple and all their beloveds who have come to witness their union.  Jesse and Joe are among the blessed, and so are the guests who attended their wedding… including yours truly.   I just happened […]

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Ryan Proposes to Constance! Anini Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

There’s nothing like professing your love on the North shore of Kauai, Hawaii.  And no way to capture it without your own personal paparazzi!  It was a great pleasure to finally give back to my loyal and devoted long time second shooter Ryan Mylnarczyk.  For years he has tooted my horn as his photography mentor, […]

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Paparazzi style Engagement on Kauai Beach!

Since creating a second life in Kauai, my shooting has suddenly become more dynamic!  Engagement shoots are one thing … but proposals photographed  guerrilla style from the bushes is a whole other monkey!  The angst I feel! the things I get to see!!! My first shoot ever accompanying one of Ann’s dinners was an honor that […]

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Sherri and Mark ~ Married at Envy Winery!

This wedding may be the Envy of the year, but I must say… ever so humbly. Sherri is one of the most PHENOMENAL painters I have ever seen, her love of horses and movement flows through her paintbrush. Like Picasso’s realism (before he became cubist) every feeling and tender curve of the horse is rendered […]

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