Rachel and Justin ~ A Vintage Wedding in Occidental

Finally Married!

I met Rachel in Madrid, Spain. We were young bucks on our way to discover just exactly how the world was our oyster.  Her blue eyes twinkled and her sassy outfit made me remember that day forever until we reunited many years later when Rachel discovered my wedding photography.  It’s amazing to see someone’s creativity expressed on their wedding day. This culmination of recorded imprints from the things and art loved throughout one’s life. This is when personalities get to shine, love and passion intertwine in creative embrace of friends and family. Here Rachel’s and Justin’s nostalgia for rustic beauty gave homage to tweeds and burlap mixed with dahlias while chiffon and silk accented with boots flashing back to the last century. This was no ordinary day, this was a completion of their family union. Their 20′s clad ring-bearing toddler, the ultimate symbol of their union,  deepened the sentiment of the day. Tears dropped and caught in an eclectic array of hankies by finely fashioned friends who celebrated their bond. The sun danced through the trees and gleamed happily through wine glasses igniting toasts with a spell of love that infused even the evening after the candles ran out. Thank you Rachel and Justin for having me witness you and capture moments which I hope will remind you of the essence of that special day for many years to come. It was an honor and my immense pleasure.

Occidental Wedding JnR0047

Occidental Wedding JnR0049

Occidental Wedding JnR0060

Occidental Wedding JnR0084

Occidental Wedding JnR0121

Occidental Wedding JnR0138

Occidental Wedding JnR0184

Occidental Wedding JnR0187

Occidental Wedding JnR0344

Occidental Wedding JnR0519

Occidental Wedding JnR0562

Occidental Wedding JnR0570

Occidental Wedding JnR0602


Occidental Wedding JnR0823

Occidental Wedding JnR0853

Occidental Wedding JnR1103

Occidental Wedding JnR1131

Occidental Wedding JnR1136

Occidental Wedding JnR1160

Occidental Wedding JnR1161

Occidental Wedding JnR1185

Occidental Wedding JnR1261

Occidental Wedding JnR1296

Occidental Wedding JnR1332

Occidental Wedding JnR1506

Occidental Wedding JnR1530

Occidental Wedding JnR1569

Occidental Wedding JnR1603

Occidental Wedding JnR1618

Occidental Wedding JnR1670

Occidental Wedding JnR1679

Occidental Wedding JnR1729

Occidental Wedding JnR1767

Occidental Wedding JnR1947

Occidental Wedding JnR1954

Occidental Wedding JnR1966

Occidental Wedding JnR2311



Starring Alison and Andrew at Jacuzzi Winery

I love weddings organized by Alex Quintana Events. And  you can never  go wrong with Jacuzzi Winery in stunning Sonoma County. But to have a fabulous couple to work with who are down to try it all during their post ceremony photoshoot is the icing on the cake that I live for. Thanks to Alison and Andrew for providing me with beautiful shots!






















Penny & Erik Tie the Knot in Hopland

Whiskey bar, vineyards, popcorn maker and cowboy boots…..check. Ready for a classic rustic wedding! A lil country vintage flair, good cake and a photo booth with costumes shaped Penny’s and Erik’s wedding into a memorable celebration! After a photo romp in the acreage with her ladies clad in platform heals  and fitted pink dresses, this bride was still troopin in her stylish turquoise accented boots, ready for her vows and a modern hoedown!


Penny & Erik0531


Penny & Erik0612

Penny & Erik0618

Penny & Erik0642

Penny & Erik0672

Penny & Erik0694

Penny & Erik0740

Penny & Erik0764

Penny & Erik0899

Penny & Erik0909

Penny & Erik0919

Penny & Erik0976

Penny & Erik0979

Penny & Erik1128

Penny & Erik1526

Penny & Erik1466

Penny & Erik1559

Penny & Erik1595

Penny & Erik2184

Penny & Erik2173





Patricia Rabellizsa - October 14, 2013 - 6:04 pm

Wow! Wow! Wow! Rachel you never cease to amaze me… your work is SO beautiful! I am most definitely going to have you photgraph my wedding… although I don’t know who I’m gonna marry yet.haha! He is out there wandering the earth for me. These pictures make me wanna just get married right away! XO GOOD WORK!

DOMA is DONE! Evelyn and Paige Get Hitched!

Less than a week after the triumphant death of DOMA, I received a joyful call from Evelyn.  She and her partner Paige were elated to announce their “Official” wedding to be held at Santa Rosa Courthouse on the exact date of their 4 year wedding anniversary, June 12 2013. I was amazed at Evelyn’s and Paige’s good fortune! And yet the universe had something even more romantic lined up for them.  I always follow my instincts on wedding days. When everything is so fast paced I don’t have time to make a lot of decisions. and intuition is my best friend. So without any hesitation, I suggested last minute that we go to Paradise Ridge Winery for a quick Portrait session. Their sculpture garden hosts monthly exhibitions of enormous outdoor works of art.   Surely we’d find something cool. Well lo and behold, the exhibit of the day was LOVE and TRUTH!!! I kid you not! The rest of the story lies here within the images….Herstory has been made!…Enjoy!







Tsering - October 1, 2013 - 6:31 am

Dolma you a blessing to your clients memories