Kevin decided one day that he was gonna look up every woman he had ever had a crush on to see if he could round up a wife he could be happy n content with for the rest of his long years, and the first on his list was MaryJane. I guess it was love at second First sight because after their first date he threw out the list then and there….This hat wearing wedding entailed all the eclectic aspects of this dynamic couple, from a dream catcher wedding altar to cowboy boots, turn of the century cowgirl top hat to favorite herbal plant table settings, a “Watering Hole” for mixed drinks and a Dia De Los Muertos themed wedding pie.

It began with deep calming, spiritually expansive music welcoming the wedding party down the aisle, setting the tone of this multi-faceted affair mixed with indigenous ceremony (sage smudge), jewish tradition (handmade blanket covering), and pagan ritual (hand-fasting). The ladies adorned in soft creamy pink dresses of varied vintage fashion and decorative sideways 30’s and other era hats with hairpins. The men decked like an old western, groom in a cowboy hat and sheriff pin and matching ring bearers. Flower girls in denim vests, cowboy boots and fluffy tulle ballerina tutus. What did they NOT think of at this wedding? Even the bridal house kept the rustic era and vibe. There was not a moment where earthy vintage western was not taking us to a different time and place. And THEN it was time for the Groom to walk down the aisle. The beautiful heart expanding music came to silence punctuating moment of deep attention to the beginning of a new and special life about to unravel. When SUDDENLY, the beats came on, and Kevin was strutting down the aisle to the funky tune of Maa-ry Ja-ANE….and the new groove was SET! Oh, so THAT’s what this couple is about! This wedding was full of creative outbursts in every aspect, and the night lasted til sunrise with an evening fire and a DJ that had everyone singing throwbacks on the dancefloor. A dance performance by the dynamic couple, sparklers, and more DJ’s that just wouldn’t quit. This was a boot stompin throwdown I tell ya! What a glory that I got to partake in this adventure! Thanks MaryJane and Kevin!


Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0051 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0068
Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0312 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0334
Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0361 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0373 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0413

Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0599 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0603 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0665 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0695

Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0921 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-0938 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1170


Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1513 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1525
Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1532 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1550

Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1581 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1586 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1595 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1619 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1692 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1731 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1806 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1939 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-1973 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-2043 Occidental_Vintage_Wedding_MaryJane_Kevin-2208


When two really good hearts join, there is no option but to have an amazing time! No doubt, Happy was happy and will be happy with Jamie forever!

Jaime_Happy_Sebastopol_Wedding-1014 Jaime_Happy_Sebastopol_Wedding-1067

Jaime_Happy_Sebastopol_Wedding-1448 Jaime_Happy_Sebastopol_Wedding-1457 Jaime_Happy_Sebastopol_Wedding-1575 Jaime_Happy_Sebastopol_Wedding-1703

  • Nicole Blackmon - June 30, 2014 - 4:26 pm

    Another marvelous job, your pictures really bring the moment to life…ReplyCancel

    • Rachel B - June 30, 2014 - 5:30 pm

      Thank you so much Nicole! It means so much to hear your praise!ReplyCancel

Finally Married!

I met Rachel in Madrid, Spain. We were young bucks on our way to discover just exactly how the world was our oyster.  Her blue eyes twinkled and her sassy outfit made me remember that day forever until we reunited many years later when Rachel discovered my wedding photography.  It’s amazing to see someone’s creativity expressed on their wedding day. This culmination of recorded imprints from the things and art loved throughout one’s life. This is when personalities get to shine, love and passion intertwine in creative embrace of friends and family. Here Rachel’s and Justin’s nostalgia for rustic beauty gave homage to tweeds and burlap mixed with dahlias while chiffon and silk accented with boots flashing back to the last century. This was no ordinary day, this was a completion of their family union. Their 20’s clad ring-bearing toddler, the ultimate symbol of their union,  deepened the sentiment of the day. Tears dropped and caught in an eclectic array of hankies by finely fashioned friends who celebrated their bond. The sun danced through the trees and gleamed happily through wine glasses igniting toasts with a spell of love that infused even the evening after the candles ran out. Thank you Rachel and Justin for having me witness you and capture moments which I hope will remind you of the essence of that special day for many years to come. It was an honor and my immense pleasure.

Occidental Wedding JnR0047

Occidental Wedding JnR0049

Occidental Wedding JnR0060

Occidental Wedding JnR0084

Occidental Wedding JnR0121

Occidental Wedding JnR0138

Occidental Wedding JnR0184

Occidental Wedding JnR0187

Occidental Wedding JnR0344

Occidental Wedding JnR0519

Occidental Wedding JnR0562

Occidental Wedding JnR0570

Occidental Wedding JnR0602


Occidental Wedding JnR0823

Occidental Wedding JnR0853

Occidental Wedding JnR1103

Occidental Wedding JnR1131

Occidental Wedding JnR1136

Occidental Wedding JnR1160

Occidental Wedding JnR1161

Occidental Wedding JnR1185

Occidental Wedding JnR1261

Occidental Wedding JnR1296

Occidental Wedding JnR1332

Occidental Wedding JnR1506

Occidental Wedding JnR1530

Occidental Wedding JnR1569

Occidental Wedding JnR1603

Occidental Wedding JnR1618

Occidental Wedding JnR1670

Occidental Wedding JnR1679

Occidental Wedding JnR1729

Occidental Wedding JnR1767

Occidental Wedding JnR1947

Occidental Wedding JnR1954

Occidental Wedding JnR1966

Occidental Wedding JnR2311